CIT New Jersey

Cosmetics, Innovations and Technologies Ltd, is a specialist distributor, in high functional materials for the C&T industries.

We are able to bring to our customer base, not only materials, but partner companies, who share or sale exclusively materials and technologies to producers and formulators of cosmetics.

We also bring with these European or Asian companies, analytical assistance for these new technologies.

Briefly they include:

- Active Delivery systems and analysis by CG/MS of their delivery at required speicific sites within the general dermis or hair.
- Sun Care solutions for the face as anti-age or skin whiteming.
- UVR protection for the body based on mineral filters, with the highest photostability.
- Replacement materials for Cyclomethicones and Silicones.
- New vibrant FDA approved pearls and colour composites.
- Thixotropic gels for the main C&T formulas.
- Pseudo-Plastic gels for the main C&T formulas.
- Natural based cold process emulsifiers.
- High performance formulations.

The list is not complete or exhaustive, just a simple resume of the activity of CIT NJ.

Please contact us on by mail, and we look forward to helping out with your needs for solutions or just creativity.